dinsdag 18 september 2012

Dragons, careers, and the Chinese zodiac

I have not one but two (two!) wonderful picture posts in the making.

The key word in that sentence is obviously "making". They are not finished yet. Quite apart from that, I have managed to stretch Google's pictorial hospitality to the max and am no longer allowed to upload pictures (this is due to the fact that I never bothered to downsize anything). So agonizingly slowly I am replacing the old, HUGE files with tiny ones, so that I can keep everybody's favourity hobby of Blondie watching going.

So, time for a completely random post!

It so happens that I came across the astrological career, work and love predictions for this year based on the Chinese zodiac. And guess what? Horses, my 1978 sign, are having a rotten year career wise. In the polite and circumspect way of the Chinese the prediction writers advised me to: "increase income and curb expenditure". But basically, this is one bollocky year. As is born out by reality. But: even the Chinese year is half over by now! Yay!

S.'s year is a bit better but not much. At least we've managed to increase income and curbing expenditure by coming to Singapore on an expat package. And we've gotten me pregnant, which is also advised in the column "love". A newborn will apparently relieve us of work and career related anxiety.

Closer reading revealed suspicious similarities across all signs of the zodiac for the love&family column: if born in the early nineties or late eighties: this is your year to get married. If born in the early eighties or late seventies: get thee with child this year.

It's a dragon year, which is supposed to be a year of general benevolence, luck and lotsamoney. (Apart from Horses (me), Dogs (S.) and Tigers (E.) apparently.) New businesses, new relationships, new everything will be filled with the luck of the dragon. Also: new people. The dragon is the best zodiac sign around, and it's not coming back for another 12 years! So there's a baby tsunami happening this year.

This has practical implications as well. Our gynaecologist made the appointment for my 20 week ultrasound 15 weeks in advance, due to "lack of availability". I was also booked into a private ultrasound clinic instead of the hospital's own one, since that one was already fully booked (not only are many ethnically Chinese people not averse to getting on the good side of the zodiac, they like to do so as cheaply as possible).

A lot of people are taking this whole zodiac thing quite seriously in these parts.

In other random Chinese superstition news: apparently having a girl first and a boy second is very very good, as the character for "daughter" followed by the character for "son" actually forms the word "good" in Mandarin.

So, quite coincidentally, we're doing everything right this year. Aren't we lucky!

And before I leave, let's hear it for the roosters, as according to the predictions: "Miracles will definitely happen this year. Interpersonal relations is also good." Go cock-a-doodle-doo!

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